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 AP Human Geography (APHuG)
Viera High School


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Reading Guides are not graded however, RGs may be used on quizzes. No test corrections on tests or exams can be done without a completed reading guide done and stamped on date due.

The Cultural Landscape: An Introduction to Human Geography
Cultural Landscape Online
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     Unit #4 Culture                                  

                                                                                                Chapter 4 Rubenstein Lecture Notes
                                                                                                                        Folk/Popular Culture/Assimilaltion PPT Notes
                                                                                                                        Cultural Landscape/Ecology/Sustainabilty Notes
                                                                                                                         Chapter 4 Vocabulary

Syncretism Video

4.1 Reading Guide                                                                                       4.1 Video   
4.2 Reading Guide                                                                                       4.2 Video
4.3 Key Issue #3
                                                                                         4.3 Video 
4.4 Key Issue #4  
                                                                          4.4 Video     

Gods Must Be Crazy  One Pager directions 

US moving Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jeruselum
Net Nutrality debate  Video

Accularation  Video
Syncretism  video                                                                                                                                         

How to improve FRQ Writing Skills.