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Reading Guides are not graded however, RGs may be used on quizzes. No test corrections on tests or exams can be done without a completed reading guide done and stamped on date due.

The Cultural Landscape: An Introduction to Human Geography
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Cultural Landscape Online
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Week of9/5
Revised: 9/







This Week: Begin Unit 2 Population and Health. Start Key Issue #1 where the Pop is distribution?

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Image result for world population no backgroundWorld Population Intro Video

Malthers Model  

Class Notes 2.1 - 2.4 PPT

2.1    Key Issue  RG #1 Where the Worlds Pop Distribution?Handed out  
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One Child Policy Socratic Seminar

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2.1 Reading guide info.

 2.1 RG due


One Chid Policy Socratic Seminar





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Key Issue #2 Why is the World's Pop Increasing 

Nightly Reading pgs By Today 46-49

Tonight pgs.
 pgs.  50 -54
By Monday
58 - 60

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Click to go to Unit #1 Geography Nature and Perspective

UNIT #2 Population and Health               
      (4 Weeks)     Test 9/29
Unit 2 Reading Guides           Class Notes 2.1 - 2.4 PPT
2.1    Key Issue  Study Guide #1 Where the Worlds Pop Distribution?                      2.1 Video  Key Issue #1  
Malthers Model                                                                               
2.2   Key Issue #2 Why is the World's Pop Increasing                                           2.2 Video  Key Issue # 2   

2.3                                                                        2.3 Video            
                                                        2.4 Video
Image result for world population no background World Population Intro Video

Sand in short Supply and why it matters Video 

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West Wing Holy Map