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 AP Human Geography (APHuG)
Viera High School


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Unit 1

Chapter #1: Geography Nature/ Perspectives (3-4 Wks)   Test Friday 9/1

Chpt #1.1 Reading Guide                                        8/14 - 18                                                 

1 A) Introducing Geo
1 B) Geo in the Ancient World History of Maps/cartographers,
1.C) Geographic Grids                                                                                    1.1 Video    Basic Concepts
Related image    Mercator vs Peters projection on
      West Wing -  Cartographers for  social justice

Chpt.#1.2 1.3, 1.4 Key Question 2
Reading Guide                              8/21 -25

Chapter #1Key Issue   2 PPT                         1.2 Video
Why is each point on earth unique                                                                                                                                                   8/28 - 9-1
Chapter #1 Part 3 PPT                                        Key Issue 3 Video  Why are Different Places similar
Chapter #1 Part 4  PPT                                       Key Issue 4 Video   Sustainability
Reading: China's Vertical Forests
Netherlands Video
Spatial inequality Mexico City Video
Image result for miss teen usa map

Motivational Video Geography and Beauty Pageants