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World History Honors Course Overview

"If the Niagara Frontier Is Bombed" - cold war pamphlet (front) by agenbyte.

     World History Honors is based on a multi-perspective global approach. This course builds on an understanding of cultural, institutional, and technological precedents that, along with geography, trace human development from 8000 BCE to the present day. Periodization breaks this huge time frame into "big picture" manageable units; each dealing with specific themes and skills. Students should come to this class with considerable analytical, research, and self disciplinary skills. Students will be reading, discussing, and analyzing secondary and primary sources, as well as literary sources from the various cultures and time periods explored. The course is designed to encourage self-direction and self-discipline among the students. Socratic discussion, position papers, lectures, and student-led presentations will enhance the goals of the course to provide a rigorous and challenging curriculum. Course evaluations will consist of presentations, analytical essays, document-based questions (DBQs) , position papers, multiple choice and various historiographic assessments. The lessons, activities and rigor of this course will prepare the student for the Advanced Placement courses and college level work.


      World History Honors is a year-long survey course offered to motivated high school students who have demonstrated high academic achievement. The course extends 8000 BC to current times and examines the connections and interactions which continue to influence our lives today.

Frescoes of Marine Life found on a wall along the via La Portuense in the river port of San Paolo Rome 125-150 CE (4) by mharrsch.

Please keep up on this page and Edline. Make sure you child is reading over notes each night if they do not have assigned homework from this class. Encourage time management. I know many assignments may fall due at the same time, but my assignments are given enough in advance for students to plan the work into their busy schedules.

Your support and involvement is extremely important to the success of your child. Please contact me anytime for any concerns, suggestions or offers to help or provide additional information on any topic we might be covering. Above you will find many ways to contact me. Email both at school and home is usually the easiest way to avoid playing phone tag. But feel free to leave me a message and I promise to get back to you as soon as possible. I am available for conference through appointment before, during and after school hours.

I look forward to a challenging and rewarding school year. These are interesting times in which we live!

Thanks again and best regards,

                          Mr. Gronich 

Themes, Skills & Periodization  go to Resources for more info

  • Theme 1: Interaction Between Humans and the Environment

  • Theme 2: Development and Interaction of Cultures
  • Theme 3: State Building, Expansion and Conflict
  • Theme 4: Creation, Expansion and Interaction of Economic Systems
  • Theme 5: Development and Transformation of Social Structures


  • Unit #1) 8,000 BCE to 600CE:  

  • Unit #2) 600CE to 1450 

  • Unit #3) 1450 to 1750

  • Unit#4) 1750 to 1914 

  • Unit#5) 1914 to the present