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 AP Human Geography (APHUG)
Viera High School


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Course Overview

AP Human Geography Course Description

Welcome to AP Human Geography (APHuG.)  Please carefully read this overview & expectations to better understand the framework of this course and classroom policies. This course's full syllabus can be found on my class website.

Advanced Placement Human Geography is a college-level introduction to the study of the patterns and processes of human activity on the earthís surface. Students employ spatial concepts and landscape analysis to examine human social organization and its environmental consequences in preparation for the Advanced Placement Exam in Human Geography.  To understand what happens in Human Geography is to relate theory to practice. HPHuG studies the nature and perspectives of geography, population, cultural patterns and processes, the political organization of space, agricultural and rural land use, industrialization, economic development and urbanization across countries and to derive generalizations.  Students should be prepared to analyze and interpret basic data relevant to Human Geography in an attempt to describe how our interactions with the environment affect how we live.                                                    
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Students must develop strong note-taking, reading and study skills. These skills will be developed through class work and homework activities. Students will work independently and cooperatively as they study the content, themes and essential questions of Human Geography

Course Content

  1. Geography: Its Nature and Perspectives
  2. Population
  3. Cultural Patterns and Processes
  4. Political Organization of Space
  5. Agriculture and Rural Land Use
  6. Industrialization and Economic Development
  7. Cities and Urban Land Use

Course Content:

       Geography, Itís Nature and Perspectives                       5-10%             approx. 3/4 weeks

       Population                                                                  13-17%           approx. 4 weeks

       Cultural Patterns and Processes                                 13-17%           approx. 4 weeks

       Political Organization of Space                                 13-17%           approx. 4 weeks

       Agriculture and Rural Land Use                                13-17%           approx. 4 weeks

       Industrialization and Economic Development            13-17%            approx. 4 weeks

       Urbanization                                                               13-17%           approx. 4 weeks

       Exam Review                                                                                     approx. 3 weeks


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