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History Royal Standard of Ur by Jamie Barras.
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Image result for labor day Early Middle Ages: Fall of Rome the Pope and  Clovis Converts. Reading with Study questions. What really happened when Charlamene was crowned Holy Roman Emporer. Image result for hurricane irma

Extra Credit Oppertunities - Current Unit: 1: Post Classical Empires Middle Ages Europe New Civilization Emerges
 Extra Credit is Limited to one choice a unit. All extra credit must meet predetermined
 criteria. Students must check with me before doing or turning in an extra credit.

  • Poster SPRITE
  • Time Lines
  • Flash Cards
  • Architecture Cake/W Presentation
  • Thinking Maps Organizers
  • Student created: Art, Sculpture, Tech, Music of time period
  • Biographical Sketch
  • Debate
  • Unassigned Current Event with presentation

1st Semester Class Notes, Readings, Links & Resources

Getting Started

Class Procedures                                                                                                       
Why Honors Matters
3D History

Assessing Sources:

Class Notes : The Meaning of History, Credibility, Bias and Objectivity
Assessing Credibility
Analytical Vocabulary
Current Event Format and Requirements

"News Articles Introductions doc."
Current Event Project assignment

Extended Response Essay Scholarly Expository Writing Assignment

View ImageFoundations &  Rise of the River Valley Civilizations: REVIEW
 Historical Concepts, Rise of Civilizations, Classical Civilizations  
Notes:Paleo and Neolithic societies
Neolithic City Puma Punka

Foundations PowerPoint Notes

What is Spriite? Notes
Khan Academy Development of Agriculture and Writing

Foundation Unit SG Paleo/Neolithic/
River Valley Civ/ early Religion

Paleo and Neolithic
Elements of Civilizations

Historical Concepts,

What is SPRIITE? Handout

River Valley Civilization
SPRIITE a given River Valley Civ

Classical Civilizations Rome as an example Rise an Fall Reading annotate

World History in 7 Minutes

Early River Valley Civilizations                               REVIEW                                                                                                    
Indus Valley: Ganges
China:Huanghe/Yellow River
Egypt: Nile
Sumerian Art
Related image

Cultural Diffusion????

Comparing Hammurabi's Code and The Mosaic 613 Mitzvahs
Primary Source Hammurabi's Code and Mosaic Law
Beyond the 7 Wonders

Review Videos:
Khan Academy: Development of Agriculture and Writing

Khan Academy: Rise of Civilization

Classical Civilizations                          REVIEW                                       
Roman ForumRoman Achievements article to be annotated
Rise of Christianity

Rome 473 BCE - 60 BCE NOTES
Mr. Gronich's Rome Sprite Download!!!
Roman Art and Architecture

Khan Academy Ancient Rome video



Handout: Judaism, Christianity, Islam Chart,
Compare and contrasts the 3 Abrahamic Religions
Jerusalem Holy Sites notes

World Religions:

All major World Religions will be taught throughout the year in concert with our curriculum

Compare and contrasts the 3 Abrahamic Religions

Current Unit: 1: Post Classical Empires Middle Age Europe New Civilization Emerges in Western Europe (500 - 1300)

The Byzantine Empire 500 -1453   

The Byzantine Empire Doc. Notes
Byzaninten Empire Justinian

* Early Middle Age Part #1 PowerPoint Notes.
Art Comparisons and Justinian's Byzantine Empire

Compare/Contrast Imperial Rome with Western European Middle Ages
* Roman Achievements article to be annotated
* Rise of Christianity

* Pope Leo 1st and Attila the Hun (Writing with the Rubric)

Intro to Middle Ages
Early Middle Ages PPT
Role of the Church

Secular and church Hierarchy chart
Ministers of Sacraments in Catholic Church doc.

Notes PPT
Middle Ages PPT
Middle Ages/Renaissance PPT.

* Classical Rome/Rise of Christianity Study Guide
Early Middle Ages Study Guide

Islam and the Islamic Empires (600-1453)
Rise of Islam Section #1 Notes
Islamic Empires Notes
Spread of Arab Empire Chart
Sharia Law/Impact of Islam on Woman/Sunni Shiite Split
Reading Guide:
Part 1
Rise of Islam and Empire

Part 2 study guide
../and Primary Source Pact of Umar

Spread of Arab Empire Chart
Islam Part
basic review
Islam Gun Powered Empires
Compare and contrasts the 3 Abrahamic Religions
Art and Architecture. Three main components to Islamic
Religious influence, Architecture and Byzantine influence

Rise of Islam and Empire study guide
Islamic Empires Reading and questions
with study questions and answers

The Crusades and High Middle Ages

Origins of the Crusades
Pope Urban the 2nd Speech with questions
Fall of Jerusalem Primary source documents
Jerusalem Holy Sites

Crusade Notes Part 1 and 2
Crusades 1- Pilgrims In Arms - Video Dailymotion
Crusades Test Review PowerPoint
Review Black Death, Schism in Church, 100 years war, fall of Constantinople , Magna Carta
Medieval Western Europe Cathedral Notes
Late and High Middle Ages Study Guide

Crusade Essay and Requirements handed out and gone over Due Next Friday

East Asia/China

Classical China
Religions and Philosophies of China: Confucianism
Legalism and Daoism & Study Guide

Analects - Mencius
Sui Dynasty Grand Canal

View Image

Classical Post Classical India India
Study Guide

Classical India 3 Ages Hinduism and Buddhism

Timeline Good source for Buddha influence in china
Classical India  PPt

Mughal Empire PPT
India Art

Hindu/Buddhist Iconography
Quick Guide to Hinduism
Quick Guide to Buddhism
Dalai Lama
Making of a Mandela
Buddhism study Questions

Hnduism study notes
Buddhist Rock Temples

Compare Contrast the Kumbai Mela with the Hajj
The Dalai Lama and Communist China and Tibet reading

Humanism/Scientific Revolution and the Renaissance

Study Guide Renaissance/Humanism Protestant Reformation

Beginning your DBQ Full instructions and examples

Beginning your DBQ Full instructions and examples from thesis to Conclusion

Secition1 Text book notes on Renaissance
Section 3
Renaissance and
Martin Luther and the Reformation Annotated Notes updated

Origin/Humanism & the Renaissance. Examples of Art PPT Notes
Renaissance compare art & arch. of middle ages to Ren.

Humanism DBQ

Absolutism gives way to Enlightenment
Absolutism and France
Henry the 4th and Louis the 14th

Enlightenment Notes Book Notes
Enlightenment Study Questions

Magna Carta Reading  and John Locke Bio and views on Government

Enlightenment leads to the American Revolution
Stamp Act PPT to DOI
Primary Source Stamp Act and News Paper
Stamp Act Reading with study notes
Common Sense Annotations and Study Notes